In the production of temperature sensor, the processing level directly affects the quality of products, especially welding process. Senstech has never stopped to in process improvement and keeps paying attention to technological innovation in the market and introducing advanced equipments. In the first half of 2021, Senstech purchased more than 40 new equipments for production. We hope to further improve the reliability and stability of welding by improving production process and equipment, so that to provide users with higher quality temperature sensor products

Good product quality comes from strict control of every detail.Although the stainless steel overbraiding cable is strong and wear-resistant, due to the complex processing process and staggered appearance structure, it is hard to find its broken wire, burr and other defects. Lax quality control may bring bad user experience and even worse it might hurt consumer’s hand. To ensure 100% qualified product quality, Senstech has specially purchased a digital microscope 150X to check the stainless steel overbraiding one by one in production.

Workers at the production line are not only the direct producers of products, but also the first person responsible for quality. The decision-making and management of the enterprise should focus on the grass-roots level, carry out rationalization suggestions, mass quality improvement and quality breakthrough activities, as well as on-the-job military training, technical competition, quality knowledge and skill competition activities, strengthen the activities of the quality management team, stimulate the innovation enthusiasm of grass-roots employees and continuously improve the production quality.