Low cost & wide application range temperature sensing solution

Glass Bead Encapsulation NTC Thermistor 10K 50K 100K

Product Model: MF58G

Product Description:

The radial glass bead encapsulation NTC thermistor exhibits superior resistance to heat and climatic conditions and have a long lifetime compared to resin-coated thermistors. It is made of bonding lead wire, gold/silver electrodes and qualified ceramic thermistor chip, which makes it keep stable characteristics. It features long-term stability, reliability, wide temperature range and fast thermal response time. Multiple bead diameters and sensor spec. are available. And they can be easily incorporated into various housing options because of their small size.

Widely usded in various fields

  • 3D printers
  • HVAC equipment
  • Water heaters
  • Microwave ovens
  • Home appliances
  • Hybrid vehicles
  • Fuel cell vehicles
  • Automotive electronics
  • Disaster prevention
  • Office automation

Resistance @ 25℃ 100KΩ 10K, 50K, 98.63K, 1000K, etc.
Tolerance 1% 0.5%, 2%, 3%, etc.
B-value 3950K 3970, 4066, 4250, etc.
Glass Bead Φ2.3 Φ0.8, Φ1.2, etc.
Temperaure Range -40℃~+300℃

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