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PT100 Temperature Sensor 3-wire / 4-wire

Product Model: RIS4F0

Product Description:

PT100 Temperature Sensor 3-wire / 4-wire is designed to monitor temperatures in refrigerators or freezers. RTD sensor is made from high quality platinum resistance temperature detector connected to low temperature resistance cable and encapsulated into stainless steel tube. It features hexagonal crimping for better encapsulation.  The temperature range of -100C to +200C makes it perfect for ultralow temperautre freezers for vaccines, which require temperatures to be -80℃ and below.

Widely used in various fields

  • White goods
  • HVAC
  • Automotive
  • Energy management
  • Medicial equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
Tube SUS304 OD4*50mm OD4.2*50mm, OD4.5*50mm, OD4*80mm, OD4*100mm, etc.
Cable Teflon cable 26AWG*3C FEP cable, PFA Cable, PTFE Cable, TPE cable, Silicone cable, etc.
Connector None XH, PH, SM, 5557, Microfit3.0, RJ11, RJ12, RJ45, RJ50, M8, M12, Audio jack
Accuracy F0.15 (A) F0.3(B), F0.1(1/3 B)
Temperature Coefficient 3850ppm/K
Temperature Range -100°C  to +200°C

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